Sunday 6 November 2011

Spots for the week

Hi Fashionistas!

This will be a new section we are going to be introducing to you all Fashionistas out there. A section where we will be introducing to you all the spotted items from various blogshops for the week. Below are the items which we spot where we would simply love to have and hopefully all of you to!

Pony Horse
Made from PU leather and good quality. Totally cute and adorable!
Spotted from Mrs Peppermint

Customisation for CK
A Buttercup necklace in deep fuchsia. It's specially customized for a customer which I simply adore
Spotted from Crafted by Mei

Floral Chiffon Dress
Check out the beads detailing on the neckline and the feathery skirt design. Two words. Classy and gorgeous!
Spotted from Look Pretty

Vintage Lace Collar
A slip on lace collar which is just so cool. Now you can have lace collar on just any outfit!
Spotted from Melody Love Fashion

Leopard Print Flats
A pair of flats with leopard print and a black bow ribbon!
Spotted from Fashion Affair Boutique

Solid Hues, Midi Median
Simple and simply sexy. Step out with a pair of pumps and be amazed with what this outfit can do.
Spotted from Peep Boutique

So what are you all waiting for? I know you are dying to get these gorgeous pieces as I do. Start clicking the links above and start placing your orders ;)

Blogshop review: Fashion Affair Boutique

Hi all!

Fashion Affair Boutique is back with a Leopard Affair and some lovely maxis - perfect for the summer heat. You can definitely get some trendy and the latest fashion trend here. And what's more? Two of their items will be featured in the Seventies Magazine December Issue! Check out the pictures below for a glimpse of their leopard affair and their maxis.

(Flats in leopard print! And a black bow ribbon!)

Long Sleeveless Tank Top
(Worn with black thighs. Sexy and totally hot!)

Long Sleeve Slim Fit Dress
(Gorgeous and totally classy. Worn with a thin black belt and a pair of boots for that sophisticated stylish look)

Bare Back Maxi
(Looks simple on the front but totally sexy at the back. A dangerously low bare back which makes the guys wonder)
Check out Fashion Affair Boutique at

Blogshop review: Trendy Bellaz

Hey Lovelies!

Simplicity at its best! Definitely something which you will get from Trendy Bellaz latest. A sweet toga dress and a mesh bodycon minidress which is the latest fashion trend lately. Check out the pictures below for a glimpse of their latest.

Sweet Toga
(Super feminine and truly versatile! Worn with different type of heels, bags and accessories for different looks. An love the toga strap design which is simply unique)

Mesh Bodycon Dress
(Made from classic thick bandage fabric. Perfect to flaunt your curves. Totally sexy and a hint of naughtiness)
Check out Trendy Bellaz at

Blogshop review: qlamorouss

Hi all!

Qlamorouss. Where Glamorous is their middle name. If you are looking for dresses for work or prom and even a night out. This is the place where you can look glamorous.

(A balmian inspired sharp shoulder blazer that jazzes up with its detail and unique colour. For that trendy sophisticated look) 

Criss Cross
(Lovely criss cross pleats at the shoulders. A simple chic dress. Suitable for work!)

Mesh Neckline
(A classic knee length dress with a hint of sexiness from the mesh neckline)
Check out qlamorouss at

Blogshop review: Melody Love Fashion

Hi all!

Melody Love Fashion has really nice items from Korea which all of you will simply adore. You will simply adore the simpleness yet totally feminine from the lace detailing on the clothes. 

Celebrities Designer Collar Trendy Dress
(A simple dress with a lace collar detailing. Trendy and totally stylish!)

Vintage Laces Collar
(A never before seen lace collar from any blogshops. This add on piece is totally cool and you can just simply slip it on any outfit)

Miss Velyn Designed Collar Long Sleeves Blouse
(Gorgeous with a jeans skirt or shorts)
Check out Melody Love Fashion at

Blogshop review: Clothes Defined

Hi all!!

Clothes Defined is back yet again with more trendy stylish modern looking clothes. Dresses that brings out the sexiness in just everyone. Check out the pictures below for a glimpse of Clothes Defined =)

Career Woman
(Office Ladies all the way! A not to plunging neckline to bring out that hint of naughty professional in you)

Mysterious Espionage
(A dress which allows a sexy peek into the female figure with a soft lace overlay)

Sexy Back Dress
(A classy black dress which shows of your figure and lace trim on the neckline for that touch of sexiness)
 Check out Clothes Defined at


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