Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Blogshop review: Mango + Orangie

Hello everyone!

Looking for more clothes at a reasonable price with good quality? Then check out Mango + Orangie! They have just updated their blogshop with gorgeous items which are worth checking out.

Scallop Chiffon Top
Electronic Blue
(You just gotta love this simple sleeveless scallop top that just goes well with practically anything)

Scallop Chiffon Top
(Another sleeveless scallop top of theirs with black skeleton design)

Leopard Print Tank Top
(Leopard Prints! A fashionable design for the summer and great with jeans for a casual outing)

Midnight Stripes Chiffon Blazer
(A sheer striped design blazer which is totally unique and different)
Check out Mango + Orangie at


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