Saturday, 29 October 2011

Blogshop Review : Ambers Boutique

Interested to win some awesome goodies?
Ambers Boutique is offering some awesome goodies especially for all you online shoppers out there!

Simply go to their Facebook page and comment on one of the photos above expressing how much you deserve to win these =)
Then, get as many of your friends to 'like' your comment and their page!
Its as simple as that!

Hurry! contest ends 30th November!

Pretty in Pink!
If you have a passion for pink, get this pretty pink dress!
The fluff at the bottom and off shoulder look simply gives it the all favoured elegant look

Rock your body with this pretty white dress!
The little wave in the middle is simply one of a kind!

Looking for a pair of killer heels to match all your pretty dresses?
These heels simply matches anything!

Check out for more of their awesome goodies at 


don't forget to join their contest!
Check it out at their Facebook page!

Blogshop Review : Nude Not

When we opened up this website, we were shocked with one statement

This is one fashion statement that the fashion industry takes to heart!
Thats why you still see pretty clothes everywhere!
We definitely do not want to walk around NUDE!
Definitely NOT!

Attraction Alright!
This is one little black dress thats a big must in all you gal's wardrobe!

Rock it out with this partay dress!
The Michael Jackson inspired bling bling shoulder padding caught our eyes and
We Love It!

Check out more of their items at 

Blogshop reviews : Kaleidoscope Sunday

Watch out girls! 
Cause Kaleidoscope Sunday is back with more goodies from Supre!

Panel Bodycon (Navy)
This is one figure-hugging dress that we definitely recommend!
Come on and flaunt that awesome figure of yours with this pwetty dress!!

Faded Army Green Cropped Top
This top here is a must buy for all you gals!
You can wear it like so or even make it into an off-shoulder top!

Racer Back Cropped Tank
This cute top simply screams one word

Daisies. Love Duo - tone Babydoll
Love this pretty dress! Its casual yet sexy and simply screams for attention.

What's that we hear? You want more clothes from Kaleidoscope Sunday?
Simply click on their link for more!!

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Blogshop Review : PlusMee

Tired of being swindled of your money by those irresponsible people claiming they're selling authentic products?
Your problem is solved! PlusMee offers a whole lot of brand new and authentic products for you gals to devour!
Check out their latest!

Kate Spade Jane Street Holly Card Holder
You may not need a card holder but once you lay your eyes on this beauty, you just have to have it!
The striking gold colour is just so pretty and striking!

Blue Label Burberry Wallet
Love the striking yellow colour!
Adds some spice into your handbag!

Check out their website for more!

Blogshop Review : Name What You Want

Name What You Want

Thats the moto of this blogshop. They sell mostly accessories from earrings to necklaces. But they also offer those occasional clothing apparels. And we must say, we love their items!

Peacock with Feather Necklace
We have yet to see a peacock necklace combined with a peacock feather itself.
And we must say, it look so pretty! 
A definite must buy!

Leopard Heart Shape Necklace

Rolling Stone Varsity Jacket
Real trendy jacket, perfect for all you ladies out there.
If you could see clearly, there's a cute pair of lips at the top left side of the jacket.
Reminds us of none other than 

Looks the same?
We thinks so too!

Leopard Clutch
Need a little glamour in your outfit?
Grad one of these!

Mini Union Jack Earrings
In support of the United Kingdom?
Gran these!
They look really cute!

Check out more items from their website at :

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Blogshop Review : Whitesoot

Before we review Whitesoot's fashion apparels, we would like to share one very special announcement that we have failed to notice from all those time we have been reviewing Whitesoot.

They have appeared several times on Seventeen Magazine!!! 

This is one spectacular achievement! Especially for a blogshop!
This just proves to show that just because you're a blogshop, doesn't mean your resources are limited!

Whats more, POW or People of Whitesoot (love the way they call themselves POW!) styled the catwalk models for the NTV 7 Digi The Next Level's finalist Chloe Mok back in 2010!

This is one exciting achievement and we do hope to see more of Whitesoot in the media soon!
Good job POW!

Now, for their oh-so-awesome clothing line!

Structured Envelope Chiffon Cardi in Carnation
Feeling a little cold? Malaysia's weather has been a little rainy and cold lately. What you need is a cardi!
Whitesoot has just that for you!
We love the soft, delicate pink colour of this cardi!
Just perfect for this horrible rainy weather to keep you all nice and warm.

Lace Dolman Sleeve Blouse
The lacing on the sleeve adds a little sophistication and feminity to your attire.

Lace Full Skirt Dress with Crystal Buttons
You can't see it clearly, but the whole dress is lace! 
We love the fact that its not so visible. Then you won't look like some flower (ahem)!
The bottom part is visible though (as you can see). Love that tiny hint of feminity there!

Petal Front Strapless Prom Dress
This is one dress that you can wear to any dinner occasion.
Whether it is prom, wedding dinner, or even a work function!
We have never really liked mustard colour (clashes with our skin colour) but this one here is simply irresistible!
My sister would definitely love to get this for her prom!

Check out this amazing blogshop that you just can't miss!

Blogshop review: Clothes Defined

Hi Ladies!

Clothes Defined is back. You have got to check out their latest tops which are adorable and unique. And make sure to check out how they match the clothes. Loving how they match it with other clothing apparels to make the whole outfit really cool.

Pocket T
(Made of thin cotton which makes it perfect for the summer heat. The really cute pocket makes the whole top adorable. And check out the different ways you can match it with)

Fairy Flutter
(Featuring a unique cut off sleeve, layered chiffon outer layer and the different ways you can wear it. Seriously a unique piece especially the sleeves which brings out the sexiness) 

BF Inspired
(Available in 3 colours. It's sheer which requires you to wear a tube. Vintage and casual)
Check out Clothes Defined at

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Fashion trend: Polka Dots

Hey Fashionistas!

It's a whole new season and guess what trendy design is back in fashion? It's none other than the famous 80s polka dots! It's fun, retro and definitely in-style. So what are you girls waiting for? Start shopping for the perfect polka just for you. And don't just stick to black and white polkas, try something different. Before that, check out the pictures below for some inspiration from the famous fashion shows. 

A Stella McCartney and Marc Jacobs design
(Textured circles worked over sheer fabric. Ultimate sophistication.)
Alexa Chung in a navy dress with mini spots
(Loving this to bits! A simple elegant polka dress worn with a thin black belt to emphasise the waist. And a splash of colour with that gorgeous red bag.)
A David Coma design during the London Fashion Week
(Love the polka skirt paired with a plain grey top.)
Olivia Palermo in a mullet-hemmed dot-dress by Bensoni
(Not a huge fan of the hem as it reminds me of Marilyn Monroe's dress but I have to say that the blue polkas against the light blue is really pretty. Not the hem though. Yikes)
Spotted during the Paris Fashion Week
(I have instantly fallen in love with this. It's cute, playful and super fun! A must have thus season)
Fearne Cotton in classic navy and white spot colour pairing with sleeveless shirt
(For a casual outing or a stroll in the park. It's retro and simple)
Models' faces decorated with multicoloured spots by designer Louise Gray during the London Fashion Week
(Who says polka dots stays on clothes and shoes only. Even your faces is possible. Looks really cool especially for a partay!)
Credits to Fashion

Blogshop review: Look Pretty

Hey all!

Another lovely set of clothes from the Look Pretty Team. With a tutu skirt and rainbow love top to give you the fun and zest that your wardrobe needs. 

Rainbow Love Top
(Perfect with a pair of jeans shorts for that sexy casual look. And throw on some bangles and a pair of boots *wink*)

Bohemian Tutu Skirt
(You have got to love tutu skirts. It's flowy, cute and definitely stand out!)

Floral Strapless Blouse
(Floral and vintage! What's better for the summer)
Check out Look Pretty at


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