Sunday, 31 July 2011

Blogshop Review : Black Milk Project

Hey Fashionistas!

We came across Black Milk Project and found them absolutely irresistible! Check out some of their items!

Flowy Cotton + Chiffon Flare Long Blouse (comes with black PU leather thin waist belt)
(This blouse can be worn in any occasion. Whether for work or a casual outing, you can definitely pull it off)

(This figure hugging dress helps accentuate your figure!)

Vintage Polka Folded Pleat Dress
(Have a taste for polka dotted dresses? Get this!)

(We absolutely love this vintage bag!)

Ethnic Bangle Set
(This bangle here is sold out. We absolutely hate the person who bought this. With a vengeance! This ethnic bangle here is really pretty!!!)

Blogshop Review : Lollypupu

Hey there!

We're really into creative stationery at the moment. Lollypupu offers a variety of stationery suck as DIY scrapbooks to creative stamps! These products, which is really difficult to find especially in Malaysia, is offered by none other than Lollypupu! Check out some of their products =)

DIY Illustrated Scrapbook
(Explore your creative side and get this! Its completely DIY and you can design it all to your own liking)

Finger Sticky Pad
(These are so cute!! Its their best seller and its really cheap! A must for all you students out there!!)

Love Diary Stamp Set
(These are pretty!! And it comes in a variety of unique stamps! Looking to spice up your card or notebook? Get these!)

Check out more of their items at :

Blogshop Review : The Lollipop House

Hey there!

The Lollipop House is a blogshop that sells a variety of environmental friendly products! Their moto - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!

For all you girls and guys out there, this is your chance to take a part in saving out planet earth! Come on and join this motion to buy environmental friendly products!

Check out some of their items!

Lacey Little Mice Fabric NoteBook Cover
(Spice up your notebook by buying this cover! Wrapping papers begone! You can use this cover FOREVER haha)

Ombre Gray FLoral Fabric NoteBook Cover
(They also sell this floral printing cover! Perfect for all you gals out there!)

(And look! There's also space to put in cards ^.^)

Medium Earth Tone Zebra Hobo
(This earthy bag here is pretty!)

Tribal Star - Teal
(Now this is the sort of bangle we absolutely love! We're digging the star. Reminds us of starry starry nights hehe)

Check out more of their items at :

Blogshop Review : Gorgeous by Sha Shaari

Hey Fashionistas!

We stumbled across a blogshop / boutique shop that offers a wide variety of clothing apparel, accessories and even handbags for all you ladies out there!
Check out some of their exclusive items!

Marshmallow Lace Dress
(This pink dress caught our attention! You can wear it for a casual outing or even for work! It definitely spices up your wardrobe)

Louis Vuitton bag
(This LV bag has a nice defining shape to it. A definite eye-catcher!)

Miu Miu Bow Bag
(You can't go wrong with this Miu Miu bag! Love the colour!)

Blogshop Review : The Lifestyle Outlet

Hey Fashionistas!

We stumbled across an amazing blogshop that offers a variety of handbags exclusively for you ladies out there! Ever find it difficult to find the perfect handbag? Fret not! The Lifestyle Outlet is here to 'save the day'!
Check out some of their items!

The Thursday Friday Bag
(Now this is one unique bag that you can't get your eyes off! You don't see these bags every day. So what are you waiting for? Spice up your wardrobe and buy one of these!)

New Yorker in Paris Aqua Girls by Lulu Australia
(This bag is a real eye-catcher! We absolutely love the Eiffel Tower and Poodle printings on the bag! Doesn't it bring you back to Paris? *sigh*)

(You can buy it in a smaller size too!)

They have more pretty bags in store for you!

Blogshop Review : Dressie 2 Gether

Hey there!

We stumbled across Dressis 2 Gether and they offer a variety of fashion apparels! Check out some of their items!

(This top can be worn casually or even for work!)

(Sexy and beautiful! A real eye-catcher!)

(This navy blue dress is perfect for a nice night out!)

(We love the stripes on this dress!)

Blogshop Review : Shop.Alot Online Blogshop

Hey Fashionistas!

Shop.Alot Online Blogshop offers a variety of clothing for all you girls out there! Check out some of their items!

Front Frill Dress with Elastic Waist
(This dress is casual and pretty! Suitable for any casual outing! Add on a formal jacket and you can wear it to work as well!)

High Elastic Mini Skirt
(We love the frills on this mini skirt! Real pretty and fashionable!)

Short Pant with Ribbon
(This pair of pant, combined with the ribbon makes you look good and fashionable!)

Blogshop review: The Shop Next Door

Holla Girls!

The Shop Next Door is back again with more awesome goodies to fill your closet. You have gotta check out their really cute Little Foxy bag which is just so cute and divine.

Pencil Skirt
Price: RM40
(Loving this pencil skirt to bits)

Little Foxy
Price: RM55
(Simply adorable and it's just so cute!)

Vintage Magnet Bag
Price: RM40
(Lovely and unique)

2 in 1 Bodycon Dress + Mini Black Crop Top
Price: RM50
(A figure hugging dress with a black crop top to give the outfit an edge)

Rainbow Hearts Summer Wear Tee
Price: RM30
Check out The Shop Next Door latest at

Blogshop review: Lovca

Hi Peeps!

A newbie is in town! Ans what are you all waiting for. Lovca sells a bunch of fashion items that are worth checking out. Especially their latest graphic tops that are really cute.

Ruffle neck
Price: RM59
(A maxi dress with bright colours and a ruffled neckline)

Crumpled Dress
Price: RM49
(A sexy mini dress which looks amazing over black leggings)

Graphic Blouse
Price: RM28 (for 1)
(Really cute graphic designs and the more you get, the cheaper it is)

Graphic Singlet
Price: RM28 (for 1)
(Another of their really cute graphic design tops but the sleeveless version)

Wils Sheer Top
Price: RM39
(With leopard prints being the latest fashion trend, what's better than this top?)

Multi Way Candy
Price: RM50
(A really unique skirt that can be worn in different ways. Totally cool)
Check out Lovca at


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