Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Blogshop review: Kaleidoscope Sunday

Hi all!

Kaleidoscope Sunday is back with more Supre items! (You just gotta love Supre ^^) Anyhoo, they have uploaded with more of their best-selling varsity jacket, poncho tops, cropped tops, body con dresses and many more. Enough to make a girl go crazy especially with all the sales!

College Varsity Jacket
(It's selling like hot cakes and they have one more left! Quickly grab it!)

College Varsity Sweater
(A simple sweater that looks amazing with jeans or thighs to uni)

College Varsity Sweater
(Who says you can't look hot and sexy in a sweater?)

College Varsity Jacket
(Loving this simple grey jacket)

Leopard Twist Dress
(They're back with more of their gorgeous leopard twist dress. With leopard prints being in  fashion, you can't say no to this)

America ** Print Cropped Top
(Can be worn over a black singlet or by itself with shorts. Totally sexy!)
Check out Kaleidoscope Sunday for major Supre items at

Blogshop review: Mango + Orangie

Hello everyone!

Looking for more clothes at a reasonable price with good quality? Then check out Mango + Orangie! They have just updated their blogshop with gorgeous items which are worth checking out.

Scallop Chiffon Top
Electronic Blue
(You just gotta love this simple sleeveless scallop top that just goes well with practically anything)

Scallop Chiffon Top
(Another sleeveless scallop top of theirs with black skeleton design)

Leopard Print Tank Top
(Leopard Prints! A fashionable design for the summer and great with jeans for a casual outing)

Midnight Stripes Chiffon Blazer
(A sheer striped design blazer which is totally unique and different)
Check out Mango + Orangie at

August 2011 Blogshop reviews

Blogshop review: Take That

Hello Ladies!

Take That's back with their Knitted Collection #2. Something that must not be missed and you will definitely fall in love with their items! Something which can be worn for the spring, autumn or winter holidays ahead or in uni where it's cold or perhaps in shopping malls. Totally fashionable!

Lace top
(I just love anything made out of lace and this is not an exception. A gorgeous sleeveless top which you will die for)

Ethnic Hollow Top
(Loving the unique ethnic design. Goes really well with black jeans to bring out the colours)

Striped Sweater
(Check out the design of the sweater at the bottom!)
Check out Take That at

Blogshop review: Popdalollies

Hey Girls!

Popdalollies is back with their Colour Pop Collection! And what's more? They are having a Raya sale! 

Embellished Cut Out Front Dress
(Loving the neckline design which makes the simple black dress into a whole new look)

Front Ruffle Ribbon Tie-Back Dress
(A sweet dress with the ballerina feel)

Floral Dress with Wavy Hem
(Perfect for the summer! Totally vintage)

Embellished Open Back Maxi Dress
(An elegant dress perfect for an elegant dinner)
Check out Popdalollies Colour Pop Collection and their Raya sale at

Blogshop review: Mrs Peppermint

Hello Ladies!

You have gotta checkout Mrs Peppermint. If you are into those feminine dresses or into Taiwanese, Korean or Japanese fashion then you will definitely not regret checking out Mrs Peppermint. Currently, they have dresses with the retro style, dresses for a night out, feminine dresses and much more!

Tarzan Satin Dress
(Perfect for a night out. Totally sexy and hot!)

Tarzan Satin Dress
(And they have in mocha colour which goes really well with black thighs) 

(Loving this striped dress. Simple yet totally eye catching)

Lace Polka
(Feminine and retro! And check out the gorgeous lace detailing at the edge of the dress)

(Goes really well with a thin belt)

Floral Sleeveless
(A simple black dress with floral neckline)
Check out Mrs Peppermint at

Blogshop review: Chics' Empire

Holla Ladies!

Check out Chic's Empire. Where they provide fashion for the young and urban women.

Chics' Empire 40
(A classy ensemble with a ruffled neckline that would look good with a clincher belt)

Chics' Empire 45
(A simple dress that could be spiced up with a clincher belt)

Chics' Empire
(Very cotton on! And what's more? Totally perfect for the summer)
Check out Chics' Empire at

Blogshop review: Makeup Overloaded

Hello Peeps!

Looking for makeup? Makeup Overload is overloaded with makeup and is affordable, exclusive and of good quality. The makeups are mostly imported from the USA and they have recently brought in some ELF makeup brushes which are suitable for beginners.

ELF Eyeshadow Brush, Blending Eye Brush and Smudge Brush Set
(The three most basic eyeshadow brushes every girl should have!)

Foundation Brush
(Achieve an ultra smooth, pore-less finish when applying foundation or tinted moisturizer)

Stipple Brush
(Can be used wet or dry to create flawless look)
Check out Makeup Overload at

Blogshop review: Russian Doll

Hi all!

A newbie is in the house! Selling some new and pre-loved items. Presenting Russian Doll. Check out the pictures below for a glimpse of Russian Doll :)

Jeans Shorts
Pre Loved
(Love the cut across look)

Polka Dot Chiffon Button on Top
(You can wear this in any way. Tucked in. For work.)

Black Blazer
(This is especially perfect for those with slopey shoulders)

(Love the school gal twist to it!)

Dark Blue Bodycon Dress
(Perfect for any occasion. Work, Casual, Cocktail Parties, you name it! You got it!)
Check out Russian Doll at

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Blogshop Review : Motte Preorder

Hey Fashionistas!

Hope you're having a fun time looking at our Blogshop Posts! 
Motte Preorder is back with more fashion apparels! Check out more of their items!

3/4 Sleeve Brown Sheer Top
(Love this casual brown top! Its just gorgeous and you can simply wear it out on a casual day or even wear it to work. If its too loose, simply tuck it in and you're good to go! It'll still look fashionable!)

Ginger Shell Top Tiered 
We love the layers at the top area of the top. Gives a nice flare to it)

Classic High Waist Pants Beige M
(Love this pants here! Because it is tight at the leg area, it helps accentuate your figure. Love the design!)

Check out more of their items at :

Blogshop Review : 2 lil Starlings

Hey Fashionistas!

2 lil Starlings is back with more awesome Handmade Goodies! And the more you buy, the more you can save discounts you can get! Check out their latest!

Ipad Handmade Pouch
(This is so cute! And Ipad inside an Ipad! Can you see the clarity this??)

Handmade Star Chain Bracelet E Necklace
(You can wear it as a necklace or even a bracelet! Love the star chains! Sp pretty!)

Handmade Retro Flower Ring
(We love the flower patterns on this ring! Its so well designed and just pretty!)

There's one word to describe all their handmade goodies : PRETTY!
We just love the way it is handmade And still look pretty darn awesome!
Check out more of their accessories at :


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