Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Blogshop Review : Spend it Cheap!

Fashion on a budget? Spend it Cheap is absolutely for you! 

Spend it Cheap has one motto in mind - Spend it Cheap! - of course! Prices are as stated to the minimum and its NEGOTIABLE!!  We have never and we mean NEVER heard of negotiable prices on the web! This is new! and we must say We are Loving IT!!

They also work on pre-orders with cheap, cheap prices! 

Check out what Spend it Cheap! has to offer!

Label X Pink Tank
This is one pink tank with a hidden agenda. From far - it looks...well...like a plain pink tank!
Take a look closer! Surprises await!

Its a Pretty beaded tank!

Valley Girl
RM 40
Polka dots Ahoy! We simply adore polka dots and these pair of pants from Valley Girl is just the one we're looking for!

Label X Tube Ruffled Top Dress with Clincher
RM 30
Love this dress here! The splashes of black on the dress is perfect and the clincher gives you the oh-so-adored hour glass look!

Label X Polka Dots Jenny Dress
Love this dress here! Not only can you wear it out on a casual day, you can also wear it out to work! Its two in one! A must buy for all you working class citizens ^.^

Love their items? We know we do!
Check out more of their items at 


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