Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Blogshop Review : An Old Flame

An Old Flame is back with their latest items! 
Check it out!

AOF LUXE MONROE Pleats Halterneck Maxi
Its the time of the month for us to dress up! Looking for the perfect ball dress? Look no further! AOF has it just the dress for you and you're looking at it!
The cutting of the dress is perfect. Gives you that nice figure. Its perfect!

If you're not so adventurous, they have subtler tones for you. If red is not your thing, what about maroon? This is chique yet sexy!
We personally love this dress better! 

NINA Lace Bandeau Tulle Noir Maxi
We love the lacing at the top of the dress! The lace simply adds a touch of feminity making you all nice and pretty!
Black Leopard Hard Case Box Clutch
Need something to go with that pretty dress? This is the clutch for you! Its pretty! And cute!
And just have enough space for you to put in all your precious items!

Doesn't it look gorgeous up close?
Penelope Hardcase Clutch (Senorita)
The colours on this clutch is striking and pretty! Simply adds colour to your dress!
A must buy!

In love with their items already?
We are!
Hurry and buy before stocks last!

Blogshop Review : Spend it Cheap!

Fashion on a budget? Spend it Cheap is absolutely for you! 

Spend it Cheap has one motto in mind - Spend it Cheap! - of course! Prices are as stated to the minimum and its NEGOTIABLE!!  We have never and we mean NEVER heard of negotiable prices on the web! This is new! and we must say We are Loving IT!!

They also work on pre-orders with cheap, cheap prices! 

Check out what Spend it Cheap! has to offer!

Label X Pink Tank
This is one pink tank with a hidden agenda. From far - it looks...well...like a plain pink tank!
Take a look closer! Surprises await!

Its a Pretty beaded tank!

Valley Girl
RM 40
Polka dots Ahoy! We simply adore polka dots and these pair of pants from Valley Girl is just the one we're looking for!

Label X Tube Ruffled Top Dress with Clincher
RM 30
Love this dress here! The splashes of black on the dress is perfect and the clincher gives you the oh-so-adored hour glass look!

Label X Polka Dots Jenny Dress
Love this dress here! Not only can you wear it out on a casual day, you can also wear it out to work! Its two in one! A must buy for all you working class citizens ^.^

Love their items? We know we do!
Check out more of their items at 

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Blogshop review: Kaleidoscope Sunday

Hi Lovelies!

Kaleidoscope Sunday is back and they have just updated with gorgeous Australian-imported Supre items. And love their past items from their previous batch? Well fret not cause they are back with the items from their previous batch.

Duo Tone Dresses
(A simple dress with different DESIGNS! From floral to polka and lots more)

Supre College Varsity Jacket
(Just love this varsity jacket. Perfect and totally fashionable for classes)

(Gorgeous printed dresses! And animal prints which are totally in fashion this season)

Oversized Off-shoulder Dress
(A simple short off-shoulder dress which looks amazing with a long silver necklace)
Check out Kaleidoscope Sunday at http://kaleidoscope-sunday.blogspot.com/

Blogshop review: Look Pretty

Hi all!

Look Pretty is all about maxi's with their new arrivals. Definitely something that will make you look pretty and of course it looks pretty too. And they have a special deal or RM8 for long necklaces just specially for their customers. Check out the pictures below for a glimpse of Look Pretty's latest.

European Maxi Skirt
(With a plain white top, this maxi skirt is just perfect for the summer)

Vintage Double Chiffon Dress
(Bright colours and vintage! The perfect combination for this season)

Greek Woven Belt Dress
(Totally roman and greek! And you can totally wear this dress for an elegant dinner or prom. Loving the fine detailing)

Polka Dot Dress
(Retro! Chic! and Fun!)

Small Black Irregular Choke
(A gorgeous piece which looks amazing with an LBD)
Check out Look Pretty at http://wannalookpretty.blogspot.com/

Blogshop review: My Dream Closet

Hello Ladies!

My Dream Closet is the right place where you can find all kinds of clothing from professional clothing to urban to casual. And you can even find fashion accessories here such as belts, make-up, bags and much more. Just the right place where you can find all the fashion things you need.

String Sleeve Long Top
(A sexy long top with really cool sleeves)
Fun Polka Dottie Dress
(Retro! Cute! And fun!)
Sweet Chiffon Pleated Top
(Perfect for work with a blazer)
Korean Beads Detailed Dress
(Loving the korean beads detailing which brings the whole outfit to a new level. And check out the flowy skirt)
Check out My Dream Closet at http://definitecollection.blogspot.com/

Blogshop review: Take That

Hi all!

Take That's back! Lovely blazers and tees that'll make you go take that! Lol. You have got to check out their blazers which they have in different bright colours that are absolutely unique.

(This bright colours will totally scream for the attention that you deserve)

(Another blazer of theirs with black collar for a touch of playfulness)

Ribbon Print Tee
(This simple print tee will just go well with anything. From jeans to shorts to trousers and you will look cute and chic)

Ribbon Crop Tee
(Worn over a long black singlet! Cute and chic!)

Check out Take That's latest at http://take--that.blogspot.com/


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