Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Blogshop review: Beautiful Disaster Pre-Order

Hi Ladies!

Check out this blogshop that sells the most amazing and unique clothes, bags and shoes. Honestly, I am loving the stuff they sell here. They have a variety of fashion items to choose from which are unique and really cool at the same time. So, check out Beautiful Disaster Pre-Order and start placing your order before the end of this month for their current items ;) 

Waterfall Ruffle Coat
Price: RM95
(So, loving this unique ruffle coat and the colours)

Tulip Mini Skirt
Price: RM59
(A unique design ^^)
Cutout Back Top
Price: RM57
(Loving the top back design)

Color Block Reversible Bag
Price: RM79
(It's available in a variety of colours. Honestly, I find this bag interesting ^^)
Vintage Design Bag
Price: RM95
(A really nice vintage bag with an amazing colour)
Price: RM79
(With flatforms being a trend now, just got to check this pair out)
Price: RM110
(A cute and unique shoe which I just love)

Price: RM129
(Chic and sassy ^^)
 Check out Beautiful Disaster Pre-Order at http://bdpreorderclothing.blogspot.com/


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