Saturday, 14 May 2011

Blogshops review: A Chic Store

Hey, girls!

Check out A Chic Store. This blogshop sells lots of fashion items from dresses to shoes to accessories. And not to mention that it has tons of spring/summer 2011 clothes collection which is absolutely suitable for this season ;)

Red Riding Hood
Price: RM99
(With all the hype over the Red Riding Hood movie,  what's better than a pair of  Red Riding Hood?)

High Waisted Nautical Pant
Price: RM59
(It's imported and exclusive and in my opinion the price is absolutely a steal!)

Madam Jacko
Price: RM139
(A Madam Jacko that is suitable for work and casual wear ^^)

Miss Cropped -Jaq
Price: RM69
(Simple and nice)

Missy Fairy
Price: RM49
(Loving this sweet top. Love it? Better grab it quick! It's selling fast!)

Check out A Chic Store at


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