Sunday, 22 May 2011

Blogshop review: Chicwardrobe Fashion

Hello Ladies!

Check out this blogshop :) Chicwardrobe Fashion. They sell all sorts of fashion items that are totally in this season with good quality and at a really reasonable price. I really love this blogshop as they sell accessories, bags and clothes with a flair of Korean fashion ^^. For fashion lovers, you will definitely find something that you like in this blogshop.

Check out the pictures below for a glimpse of what they sell ;)

Code: 62281
Price: RM38
(An amazing floral maxi dress that is totally in this season ^^)

Code: 0340
Price: RM38
(Southern European style plain cotton long bandage dress that you can get at a really reasonable price)

Code: 1983
Price: RM35
(A simple striped shirt with a cute bow behind)

Code: 56236
Price: RM35
(Made out of silk. Retro and perky)

Code: DFD 326
Price: RM36
(Vintage off shoulder Floral dress)

Code: DFD329
Price: RM38
(Vintage tropicana ribbon dress. Bold prints, perfect for the summer) 

Code: BA119
Price: RM37
(A really cute bag that is absolutely unique)
Code: PO-N-32
Price: RM15
(An example among the accessories that they sell. A really cute owl ^^)
Check out Chicwardrobe fashion at


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