Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Blogshop review: Her Attic

Hi everyone!

Checkout this new blogshop called Her Attic. This blog is created by two sisters where they sell mostly used or brand new items. So, you will find cheap products through this blogshop. Worry about the quality of the products? Not to worry. These sisters are really precise about the quality control of the items. You can find any shopping items here from maxi dress to shoes to bags. 

Rainbow Maxi
Material: Comfortable Cotton (Sexi deep V)
Price: RM 42
Condition: Worn once

Floral Printed Skirt
Brand: Cotton On
Material: Stretchable Cotton
Price: RM30
Condition: Brand New

Rainbow Romance
Material: PVC
Price: RM40
Condition: Brand New

Purple Bubble
Brand: Korea
Material: Leather
Price: RM40
Condition: Used once

Check out Her Attic at http://herattic.blogspot.com/#


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