Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Blogshop review: Motte Closet

Hey Ladies!

Check out Motte Closet's new Chick Flick Cherry Collection ;) This blogshop sells really simple yet nice clothes at a reasonable price. You will absolutely love it.

Pencil Skirt
Price: RM48
(A simple skirt that can be worn for work or a casual outing)

Price: 48
(You have got to love this denim skirt! Totally in this season ^^)

Pelly Olive
Price: RM52
(This dress is available in white as well. Worn with a belt to give a chic look)

Price: RM48
(Loving the combination of layers)

Topshop: Button through shirt
Price: RM49
(A lovely shirt that can be worn in many ways)
Check out Motte Closet's latest at http://www.mottecloset.com/


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