Monday, 9 May 2011

Blogshop review: Un-Masqued

Hello everyone! 

I'm back here again to give you the latest blogshop review. Un-Masqued! Un-Masqued skirts and dresses are really nice and simple at a reasonable price. 

Check out the clothes it supplies:

Basic Black Skirt
Price: RM39
(Paired with a bodycon dress and you're good to go!)

Panel Skirt
Price: RM39
(A simple and vintage looking panel skirt. Paired with a black top and it bring out the amazing colour of the skirt ^^)

Panel Skirt
Price: RM39
(A nice floral printed panel skirt that suits the latest fashion trend and  gives a feminine look to the wearer)

(Floral print dress! Amazing for this season!)

On the Dot
Price: RM38
(3 words: Casual, Quirky and Chic)

So what are you all waiting for? Check out Un-Masqued at


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