Friday, 6 May 2011

Fashion trend: Garden of Eden

Hi Fahionistas!

I'm back here again to bring you the latest trending fashion. So, what's new? Do you see people wearing clothes with flower prints everywhere? Well, spot on. It's flower power now and there's definitely something for everyone in this season's love affair with all things floral ;)

A fabulously colourful and flower filled affair  from the D&G's collection.
(What more could we ask for? A maxi dress with ditsy flower-prints. Absolutely a must to get ^^)

And there's Emmy Rossum in her D&G's floral printed dress suited with a black cropped jacket.
(Amazing match!)

D&G's vintage-esque prints infused with crochet panelling.
(Honestly, this is to die for. I'll be looking for a dress similar to this now :P)

A muted floral printed dress by Stella McCartney's collection.
(Gives a serious yet elegant touch)

Check out Liv Tyler in her Thakoon dress.
(Amazing combination!)

And this is an instant wardrobe classic  with fine floral prints by Isabel Marant.
(The belt gives a nice final touch to the dress^^)

A ditzy floral and adorned dress by Donna Karen.
(Absolutely loving this dress! It's definitely high fashion.) 

As you all can see, flower printed clothes are the in thing now. So, start filling your wardrobe with florals! ;)

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