Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Fashion trend: Spring Do's and Don'ts

Hello Fashionistas!

Now that all of you are pretty much familiar with the latest spring fashion trend, here's what you should do and don't this spring. 

Layered Neutral
Don't: Definitely don't match your top to your bottom. It does not do any justice to the wearer.
Do: Think outside the neutral box by mixing beiges, peaches and nudes which is a totally in thing this spring.

Don't: Don't ever overdo the trend as it just does not look good. (That black shoe, not good :s)
Do: Choose a shoes with a slight curve. Having wide straps and a simple design is a definite plus.

Midi Skirts
Don't: Don't wear denim, ruffled lace, delicate florals or button-ups. (Just not working for me here  *looks at the right picture*)
Do: Simplicity is the key!

Don't: Flares are back right now but keep in mind that those 2002 flares with intentional rips or sandblasting  are not in this season.
Do: Jeans in dark wash with a high enough rise high to comfortably tuck in shirts is the thing to be considered tis spring.

Asian Prints
Don't: Fall into gaudy Asian prints such as the above picture.
Do: Simple and modern cuts are the way to go. (Completely chic and classy)

Crop Tops
Don't: Don't pair your crop tops with a low rise shorts or pants.
Do: Mix your prints with a high waisted bottom and a bold crop top. (Clashing yet it's totally working)

Credits to Connie Wang


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