Saturday, 4 June 2011

Blogshop review: Agape Boutique

Hi all!

Agape Boutique is an online boutique that offers a wide range of ladies clothing, shoes, bags and accessories at affordable prices ;) They have a wide variety of fashion items which would take you some time to go through their catalogues as they have so many amazing items. And what's more, they are currently launching mega sales on their shoes.

Take a glimpse of their pre-order items ;)

Code: SN300 Beige
Price: RM62
(Love that thin stiletto heels. That beautiful heels is a real eye-catcher!)
Code: SN297
Price: RM57
(A gorgeous pair of heels which would look amazing with a dress or tee and shorts) 
Code: Shoe 1421
Price: RM52
(This cute vintage twist brings the old to the new!)
Code: A4747093
Price: RM39
(Planning on a day out to the beach but on a strict budget? What are you waiting for? This lovely maxi dress would make guys go 'gaga' over you!)
Code: AJH715948
Price: RM39
Check out Agape Boutique and start placing your orders at


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