Sunday, 19 June 2011

Blogshop review: Cathie Face Shop

Hello everyone!

Check out what's new. Cathie Face Shop is a blogshop that sells the hottest beauty and skin care products from Taiwan, Japan, Korea and Hong Kong. Now, you don't need to worry about finding the beauty products that you want from these countries. 

Check out the pictures below for a glimpse of what beauty products they sell ;)

Skim 79 Seaweed Cooling Mask
Price: RM55/bottle
(A home self SPA mask)

Skim 79 Rose Moisture Mask
Price: RM55/bottle
(Home self SPA mask)

Skim 79 Lemon Brightening Mask
Price: RM50/bottle
(Home self SPA mask)

Sophie Monk Hydrating Duo Lifting Mask
Price: RM3.50/pc
(Great hydration which makes your skin look brighter and firm. Not to mention that the more you buy, the cheaper it is)

Sophie Monk Cleansing Repair Duo Lifting Mask
Price: RM3.50/pc
(Effectively improve tired skin. The more you get, the cheaper it is)
Check out Cathie Face Shop at


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