Thursday, 9 June 2011

Blogshop review: Jovovi

Hey everyone!

Looking for more chiffon tops? Check out Jovovi then. This blogshop sells brand new, chic, trendy and stylish clothings and fashion accessories. Right now, they are selling sleeveless chiffon tops which you all should check out ;)

Sleeveless Chiffon Top
Price: RM27
(Perfect for the summer. Comfy and airy)

High Waisted Scallop Shorts
Price: RM35
(A really unique shorts. Check out the pattern at the edge of the shorts!)
Candylicious Top
Price: RM32
(Another sleeveless top which is available in other colours as well)

Button Up Jumpsuit
Price: RM46
(A simple jumpsuit that looks cute and best worn with a belt)
Check out Jovovi at


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