Friday, 17 June 2011

Blogshop review: Look Pretty

Hey all!

Look who's back! It's Look Pretty, with more pretty clothes and this time with really cool fashion accessories. Check it out ;)

Khaki Long Dress
Price: RM100
(A really sweet long dress and what's cool about it is that the net veil can  be split to make a short dress)

European Yellow Dress
Price: RM75
(A really nice and pretty dress which would look awesome for a night out)

Green Dress
Price: RM51
(Simple dress with an amazing green colour and lace neckline)

Chic Bracelet
Price: RM24
(Unique bracelet with many things going on. Bright colours! Pretty hearts! Leaf! Key!)

Colourful Butterfly
Price: RM20
(Pretty butterfly necklace with a floral pendant in front)
Check out Look Pretty's latest at


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