Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Blogshop review: SerenaNBlair

Hello all!

Love watching Gossip Girl? Love the clothes worn by the girls in Gossip Girl but have no idea where to get it? Then check out SerenaNBlair! This blogshop have the inspired version of the clothes in the show. Now, you can those clothes and feel glamorous.

Check out the pictures below for a glimpse of SerenaNBlair ;)

Love this dress! But what is Blair wearing?!?! *Hint-look down* gasps! FLIP FLOPS! 
Victoria Beckham looks especially stunning in this dress (see what happens when you wear heels???)
Love it? You can buy it from this blogshop!

Black Peplum Dress from Victoria Beckham's collection Inspired Version
Price: RM150
(Available in red and black. Love the frills at the hip of the dress. But make sure you wear it with a pair of HEELS)

Serena in Herve Leger Dress in Gossip Girl Inspired Version
Price: RM150
(Love the beautiful neckline. I actually think the dress this blogshop offers is much prettier =) ) 

Blair Waldorf in Marc Jacob Dress in Gossip Girl Inspired Version
Price: RM150
(Sweet, feminine, lovely and absolutely stunning. Whats not to like?)

Jenny Humphrey in Emilio Pucci Dress in Gossip Girl  Inspired Version
 Price: RM200
(A real eye-catcher. If i'd ever seen one ^^)

Serena's Layered Dress by Ralph Lauren in Gossip Girl Inspired Version
Price: RM180
(Who can forget this floral dress in Gossip Girl? I feel real 'spring-ish' already^^)
Check out SerenaNBlair at


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