Monday, 6 June 2011

Blogshop review: Shoe Story

Hi all!

Looking for more shoes? Try Shoe Story. The shoes in this blogshop are really amazing and you can be sure of finding something really nice here. And be sure to check out their heels! :) 

Ayomi Hot Heels (Thick)
Price: RM72
(A really cool pair of hot heals that are trendy and comfortable which are available in other colours as well)

Butterfly Princess Peeptoe Heels
Price: RM72
(Unique prints and gorgeous peeptoe which are to die for)

Montry Walker Combat
Price: RM68
(Amazing combats that can be worn with casual clothes or a mini dress)

Vintage Tie-upThick Heels
Price: RM68
(Simply gorgeous pair of heels that are really comfortable and absolutely unique)
Check out Shoe Story at


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