Friday, 17 June 2011

Blogshop review: The Shop Lullaby

Hey Ladies!

Check out The Shop Lullaby. This blogshop sells a variety of fashion items from clothes to fashion items. If you're looking for mirrors, they have it as well. I find their mirrors absolutely cute!

Check the pictures below for a glimpse of what they sell.

Glossy Kitty Compact Mirror
Price: RM35.90
(A mirror that is made in UK and it's just sooo cute! Perfect as gifts or for yourself)

Four-leaf Clover Necklace
Price: RM8.90
(Pretty and sweet)

Ribbon Hand Bracelet and Hair Clip
Price: RM6
(Can be used as a clip or a bracelet. Interesting)

Flower Pearl Hair Clip
Price: RM6
(What's better than this clip for the summer. Pearl and floral design! Perfect for the summer trend)

Code: GP003
Price: RM33
(Unique and sweet. Love the red!)

Code: GP004
Price: RM32

Code: GP005
Price: RM33
(Perfect for the sporty look)
Check out The Shop Lullaby at


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