Friday, 24 June 2011

Blogshop review: Silhouette Closet

Hey Ladies!

Looking for pre-loved clothes? Check out Silhouette Closet which was owned by two sisters, whom are letting go of their pre-loved clothes (some are new). Prices are negotiable especially when you get more than two clothes. And what's more? They are giving away their items for free! But of course you need to bear the postage cost. Lol.

Check out the picture below for a glimpse of their pre-loved items.

Supre Stripes Dress
Price: RM30
(Supre item at a really low price!)

Studded 3/4 Sleeves Grey Shirt
Price: RM20
(A really nice top that would go really well with jeans)

Bohemian White Top
Price:: RM35

Elegant Cocktail Dress
Price: RM25

3/4 Sleeves Korean Black Shirt
Price: RM15
(A top that will go well with all sorts of accessories)

Cute Korean Dress
Price: RM40
(Cute and lovely!)
Check out Silhouette Closet at


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