Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Blogshop review: Syiok Sendiri Sisters

Hello Girls!

Looking for more beauty products or more accessories to buy? The check out the Syiok Sendiri Sisters! They have really cool beauty products from Anatomicals with really cool wordings on the bottles. Check it out ;)

Anatomicalsm Cypress and Tyme Body Cleanser
Price: RM37

Anatomicals Woman Scrub Melon and Mint Scrub
Price: RM28

Anatomicals Lip Balm
Price: RM18
(Stop cracking up!)

Anatomicals Hand Cream
Price: RM20

Anatomicals Body Moisturizer
Price: RM25

Anatomicals Foot Cream
Price: RM20

ELF Little Black Books / ELF Studio Endless Eyes Mini Palettes
Price: RM32 each

ASOS Curb Chain Bracelet with Ribbon and Pearl Charm
Price: RM25
(Really vintage looking yet lovely and sweet)

ASOS Lock Ring with Filigree Band
Price: RM25
Check out the Syiok Sendiri Sisters at


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