Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Fashion trend: Plaits

Bonjour Fashionistas!

This would be my first time posting about the latest hairstyle that is in trend lately ^^. So, guess what hairstyle is totally 'in' this summer.... It's plaits! Plaits are totally back and totally suitable for the summer heat. And not to mention, that it's easy to do.

Check out the pictures for the different plaiting styles:

Diane Kruger in a messy side plait
(Absolutely simple yet glamorous)
Isabel Lucas in a super-messy plait
(Amazing and gorgeous! Especially lovely with a lacy gown)
Amy Adams with a one-sided French plait
(Classy and elegant)
Check out Jessica Alba with two rows of plaits
(Gives a roman look)
Fergie with a fishtail plait
(Very cool but not exactly working for me. Yikes)
Gwen Stefani with bleached blonde hair helps her braids to stand out
(A simple and chic hairstyle)
Kirsten Dunst with a covetable coiffure with the help of hair extensions
(Lovely and very greek style)
Jessica Lowndes with a one-sided plait
(A simple plait which is absolutely gorgeous)
Credits to Fashion


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