Sunday, 31 July 2011

Blogshop review: Lovca

Hi Peeps!

A newbie is in town! Ans what are you all waiting for. Lovca sells a bunch of fashion items that are worth checking out. Especially their latest graphic tops that are really cute.

Ruffle neck
Price: RM59
(A maxi dress with bright colours and a ruffled neckline)

Crumpled Dress
Price: RM49
(A sexy mini dress which looks amazing over black leggings)

Graphic Blouse
Price: RM28 (for 1)
(Really cute graphic designs and the more you get, the cheaper it is)

Graphic Singlet
Price: RM28 (for 1)
(Another of their really cute graphic design tops but the sleeveless version)

Wils Sheer Top
Price: RM39
(With leopard prints being the latest fashion trend, what's better than this top?)

Multi Way Candy
Price: RM50
(A really unique skirt that can be worn in different ways. Totally cool)
Check out Lovca at


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