Sunday, 10 July 2011

Blogshop review: Beautiful Disaster Pre-Order

Hey all!

Looking for more gorgeous clothing items? Then check out Beautiful Disaster Pre-Order where you can definitely find something gorgeous to fill your closet and of course for any occasion. Check out the pictures below for a glimpse of their latest clothing collection ;)

Zipper Oversized Jacket
Price: RM79
(Gorgeous especially over a plain white top and shorts)

Semi-sheer Maxi Skirt
Price: RM59
(A really unique maxi skirt with a sheer cloth  halfway down the skirt. Can be worn to work or a casual outing)

Colourful Cllutch
Price: RM49
(Simply unique and different than your usual clutch ^^)

Chiffon Overlay Tulip Front Top
Price: RM65
( A lovely simple oversized top)
Check out Beautiful Disaster Pre-Order latest at


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