Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Blogshop Review: Button N Zip

Hey Fashionistas!

We dropped by this great new blogshop (new to us anyway) and we fell immediately in love with it! They sell things from make-up to clothing apparels and just anything any girl can ever wish for! Check out a few of their items:

(We absolutely love this blouse. It gives you a nice casual look. Perfect for your everyday outing with a couple of friends)

Diamond Flower with Rhinestone drop Earring
(We love the flower detailing on this pair of earrings)

(What a way to spice up a lovely black dress. The cutting of the dress and the detailing makes you look sleek and gives you that hour glass figure)

(This skirt is perfect for work or even a semi-formal event! The white stripes at the sides and the bottom gives your black skirt a little zest!)


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