Saturday, 2 July 2011

Blogshop review: Japan Spree

Hi all!!

Sorry for the sudden mia. We've been really busy lately but we're back here again to bring you shoppers out there another blogshop review ;)

Are you looking for fashion items from Japan? Then check out Japan Spree! Where this blogshop sells genuine and brand new items imported from Japan especially for you. You have got to check their latest Marc Jacob bags which are really awesome and scream colours! ;)

Code: MJ001
Price: RM510 (small) or RM750 (big)
(Available in other colours. Really love this bag and the design)

Code: MJ003
Price: RM510
(Amazing design and colours!)

Code: MJ007
Price: RM470
(A simple Marc Jacobs bag)

Code: M008
Price: RM330
(Who says plastic shoes can't have colourful designs? Definitely screams for attention)

Code: M009
Price: RM450
(Do not look down at this pair of heels. It looks amazing with any dress)
Check out Japan Spree at


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