Sunday, 17 July 2011

Blogshop review: An Old Flame

Hi Ladies!

Check out who's back. It's An Old Flame. You have got to check their featured bags. It's absolutely gorgeous and to die for especially their Balenciaga Inspired Matte Leather Large Tote.

Balenciaga Inspired Matte Leather Large Tote
Price: RM70
(As a huge fan of tote bags, this is absolutely gorgeous)

Hermes Inspired Canvas & Leather Strapping Bag with Lock
Price: RM75
(Totally handy)

Cut Out Drape Back Jersey Skater Dress
Price: RM62
(Love the back design which makes this dress absolutely sexy and hot)

Water Colour Print Trench Dress
Price: RM65
(Really sweet and feminine with a touch of an old flame)

Kimono Sleeve Cape
Price: RM95
(They have a last piece left. Really unique)

Jersey Layered Cape Blouse
Price: RM59
(Their last piece left as well. Really suitable for that classy and elegant look)
Check out An Old Flame at


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