Sunday, 17 July 2011

Blogshop review: The Shop Next Door

Hi Peeps!

Sorry for the sudden mia. Been busy again as usual but we're back here again for another blogshop review :) So, what are you ladies waiting for? Start reading our latest posts to get the coolest and trendiest fashion items from these blogshops to fill your closets ;)

If you're looking for fashion accessories, The Shop Next Door is back with more new arrivals. Lovely and sweet accessories to die for.

Cute Candy Color Hearts
Price: RM9
(Yikes! It's all sold out but I just have to blog about this ^^ Totally perfect for bffs!)

Betsey Johnson Inspired Pearls on Ribbon Ear Stud
Price: RM15

Elegant Pinkish Purple Ribbon
Price: RM11

Bicycle Ear Studs
Price: RM13
(Absolutely cute!)

Romantic Rose Ring
Price: RM14
(Gorgeous and sweet. Totally perfect with a floral printed dress)

Vivi Flower Ear Studs
Price: RM15
(Ring version)
Check out The Shop Next Door latest at


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