Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Blogshop review: Whitesoot

Hey Fashionistas!

Whitesoot is back with more fashionable clothes to give your wardrobe that extra spice!
Check it out!

50s Midi Skirt with Paper Bag Waist
(And we're back with the fashionable 50s style! Love this piece. You can totally wear it anywhere for some 'fun in the sun'!)

Drape Blazer Cardi(Blazer Cardigans are back in season! Gives you that slight edge)

Zara inspired Burnt Orange Cuffed Shorts
(Its really difficult to get a nice pair of shorts these days. These pretty pair of shorts just fits all our criteria XD) 

Ruffled Tie-front Button Blouse
(Ruffle up your working clothes with this beautiful piece. Makes you look 'office-ish' (if there even is such a word? haha) yet sexy. A must buy for the working adults!)

Check out Whitesoot's latest at http://www.whitesoot.blogspot.com/


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