Sunday, 10 July 2011

Blogshops review: Poppy Mallow

Hi Ladies!

Looking for more clothes from Poppy Mallow? Then you are at the right place cause Poppy Mallow is back again with more of their classy and chic clothes. More dresses to fill your closet! ^^

Price: RM52
(Amazing for a night out or an elegant dinner)

Timelessly Classic
Price: RM39 (top) / RM40 (bottom)
(A top that is timelessly classic, perfect with Poppy Mallow's pencil skirt)

Dandelion Vintage
Price: RM44
(A nice dress, perfect for a casual outing)

Sweetheart Theory
Price: RM44
(Classy and elegant! Paired with a pearl necklace and clutch and you're good to go)
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