Thursday, 4 August 2011

Blogshop Review : All Kinds of Everything

Hey Fashionistas!!

All Kinds of Everything is a blogshop that offers none other than handmade accessories! And they're not your average (*ahem* ugly) handmade items! These are trully beautiful and one of a kind! Check out some of their awesome accessories!

Home Garden
(This bracelet is really cute!! Look at the amount of detailing that was put into this bracelet! And we love the splash of coloured rose on the bracelet ^.^)

Welcome Home
(We love the pretty kettle and top hat! Plus, the red beads make it all the more unique)

Make a Wish
(Sigh. Need I say more? This is so pretty!! I've never seen anything like this in places like Diva. Go buy it!!)

Green Heart
(We love the combination of the pearls with the love shaped pendant)


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