Monday, 1 August 2011

Blogshop review: The Arrogant Minnie Preorder

Hey everyone!

The Arrogant Minnie Preorder is back with their latest batch 24 filled with really gorgeous and unique clothes. From pants to tops and dresses, every single piece is desired ;)

Button Up Vintage Long Skirt in Green
Price: RM138
(Really love this piece. Worn over a plain white dress and you're good to go)
Button Up Vintage Long Skirt in Blue
Price: RM138
Candy Skinny Long Pants
Price: RM92
(Loving the colour!)
Floral Silk Top
Price: RM79
(A really feminine and sweet floral top with an edge)
Splice Leather Collar Chiffon Top
Price: RM89
(Feminine and edgy)
Tuxedo Skirt
Price: RM89
(Suitable for work or a casual outing
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