Sunday, 21 August 2011

Blogshop Review : Delirious

Hey Fashionistas!

In need for some pretty accessories to excite your day and apparel? Fret not! Delirious has a whole load of items exclusively for you! Check out some of their latest items!

Leo Three Finger Ring
(This reminds us of the Chronicles of Narnia! I always wonder what happens if we were to punch someone with these rings hoho )

Coffee, Tea or Me?
(We really love the way the cup looks all filled with coffee (we'd love to think its coffee cause we Love Coffee!! ) and the teapot addition is really cute!)

(We love owl earrings, owl necklaces, owl rings, owl everything! This owl necklace is pretty! And this owl doesn't have those scary owl eyes ^.^)

Vintage Rocking Horse
(And finally our very own favorite from this new batch! This just reminds you of the good old days, rocking the horse back and forth...sigh..if only we can travel back in time!)

Check out more of their accessories at :


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