Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Blogshop Review : Motte Preorder

Hey Ladies!

Motte Preorder is back with more fashionable preorder fashion apparels! And all from famous brands to whom we are all familiar with! Their Pre-order batch is now open and only closes on the 19th August 2011! So hurry and check out their items! Here are some of the items we simply can't resist to review!

Cut Out Colour Block Top
(We love the collar area. This top screams formality with a hint of sexy. Simply divine!)

Zara Vintage Blazer with Lapel
(We will never be sick or even tired with jackets. They just match with anything and everything! And what more to say about this brown blazer? Buy it! You'll definitely be the center of attention!)

Topshop Ellie Bow Blouse by Yuki
(Love this school attire inspired top. You can simply wear it for a casual day out or even for work!)

Tuxedo Skirt
(We saved the best for last! Look at the cutting of this skirt! Beautiful! And its so not like your average boring working clothes either! The pastel orange colour will simply catch people's attention!)

For more fashion apparels, check them out at


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