Monday, 8 August 2011

Blogshop Review : Room 8008

Hey Ladies!

Room 8008 is back! And with more fabulous, exciting and fun fashion apparels! Just especially for all you gals out there to lore over! This time, they have a whole variety of Korean imported clothing! Check out some of their items!

Long Tweed Blazer
(Love this blazer here! The cutting is just perfect and not too loose so as to see that nice curvy body shape of yours ^.^)

Top Shop Inspired Top
(Love this top here! And the collar has a nice petal shape to it. Which we Love!!)

Double Lace
(Love the lacing at the top. You can match it with any plain old skirt or shorts and still look absolutely gorgeous!)

Military Jacket
(This jacket here is pretty! We adore this brown shade)

H&M Inspire Dress
(We love the cropped up patterns on this dress. The dress also helps give you a nice hour glass figure)

These are just some of their very few items! There are more! Check them out at :

Hurry! before stocks last!


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