Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Blogshop Review : Soak Republic

Hey Fashinistas!

Accessories, Accessories and MORE Accessories!! We just can't get enough of them. They just brighten up your attire all the time! Whether you're going on a casual shopping spree or even going off for work, accessories are the way to go! And thats what Soak Republic has to offer all you fashionistas out there. Check out some of their accessories!

(Look at how the flowers just bloom! It'll definitely make you stand out! Juts simply tie your hair up while putting on these beauties and you're good to go!)

(These just brings you back to the good old days. Remember how Coca-Cola advertisements look like? Like about god-knows-how-many years ago? This necklace just reminds us of that! Don't get us wrong, we absolutely love it!)

(Here's what Coca-Cola advertisements look like in the past! So vintage ^.^)

(We love the picture in this framed necklace. Its really pretty and it reminds us of how we use to play swings! Now kids just play their 'game boys' tsk tsk They just don't know what fun they're missing out on!)

(We love this peacock ring! Looks like peacocks are the new in-thing now for fashion accessories! Can't blame them! Peacocks are beautiful! And we just love the colour combination on this peacock =)

(This perched birdie on the ring is really unique!)

(This is so Egyptian and we absolutely love it! The colours are bold and striking and is a definite eye-catcher!)

Check out more of their items at : http://soakrepublic.com/


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