Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Blogshop Review : Vintage in Heart

Hey Fashionistas!

Vintage in Heart is a blogshop that sells handmade accessories. We honestly have no idea how they managed to make all these. We know we can't! Check out some of their accessories!

This necklace is beautiful! We especially love the to doves at the top ^.^

 Here's a closer look

This is one necklace you simply can't ignore! The tiny bicycle there is really cute!

We absolutely love the way the ring is created to loosely hold on to the dove and tiny and cute handbag

These pair of earrings are pretty! And its just the right size! Not too big and certainly not too small

And not to mention this owl necklace. Those blue eyes is definitely an attention-catcher!

Check out for more items at : http://vintageinheart.blogspot.com/


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