Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Blogshop Review : Whitesoot

Hey Fashionistas!

Whitesoot just restocked! With more items for us to devour on! Check out some of their items!

Autumn Gardenias Ruffle Chiffon Dress
(Love the flowery dress here! Absolutely gorgeous!)

Lavender Fields Crochet Chiffon Blouse
(The top here has a little lace at the collar which makes it look really pretty. There's also a slight transparent edge to it which makes the top all the more prettier)

Sheer Kimono Drape Cardi
(We love the brown cardi here. You can simply drape it over any clothing you wear and still fit the occasion)

Check out more of their items at : http://www.whitesoot.blogspot.com/


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