Friday, 16 September 2011

Blogshop Review : Peep Boutique

Hey Fashionistas!

Peep Boutique is back with an all new theme this week! Oversized Sunday!

This is an all new theme which they have been gearing up for. And wee got caught up with the excitement of Oversized Sunday too!

Check out their exciting Oversized tops!

Hello Mango!
If you have a passion for mango or a love for oversized tees, this is the top for you!

Oversized Failure : Superzised
Failure is definitely not an option. Not only will this tee fit you perfectly (duh) it'll also work as a sufficient reminder that failure is Definitely not an option.

Love Me: Photo Booth
This lovey top will put a smile on your face. Its cute and fun!

Owl Me : Its A Hoot
This sexy slender overzised tee just gives you that extra all craved spice to your wardrobe.
The buttons at the bottom is a great addition.

Check out more of their items at :


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