Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Blogshop Review : Smashing Pit Stop

Hey ladies!

Need a fashion break ? Time to stop by at Smashing Pit Stop! We absolutely missed blogging about them and were all delighted to see them with all new smashing bags and purses! Take a look at their latest!

Tod's Hobo
(gasp!) Its Tod's! We especially love this bag with its many zipper compartments. The silver adds a splash of colour to the denim hangbag! Take a closer look at the detailing on the handbag. Its a definite must buy!!!

Furla Union Jack 'Flagship Collection' Collection
All hail the United Kingdom! 
The classic must have for all you Union Jack lovers! We love this classic Union Jack design and the quality and design is just spot on!
We know all you gals out there are probably thinking - Oh Man! Not Another Union Jack flag bag?
We google searched  'Union Jack flag bags' (no kidding, we did exactly that) and you have no idea what weird looking Union Jack flag bags appeared in front of us. 

Can you imagine yourself walking out with this weird thing?!?!

Who in their right minds would want a lip hanging around their shoulders?!
Angelina Jolie, you got some competition!

So, you got the picture. There are some awesome uglies out there. 
But of course, not All of them are hideous. But not as nice as this Furla bag!

What are you waiting for? Buy it!

Kipling PAHOA Long Wallet
How can we ever forget our favourite monkey brand? Kipling!
This is the classic Kipling purse which is suitable for your everyday use!

The insides is spacious and you can just slot in however much things you want in there with still much space left to spare!

Kipling IF Tote
And not to mention, out monkey handbag!
We love the off shade grey colour!
And not to mention, the awesomely cute monkey key chain dangling from all Kipling handbags!

Kipling Cerys and Shoulder Bag
There is a nice green tinge to this bag. 
The perfect sport-ish bag !

For more details on their latest, visit their website at
Hurry! Before Stocks last!


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