Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Blogshop Review : Vintage in Love

Hey Fashionistas!

'Vintage in Love' do mix & match vintage lucky charms bracelets,  necklaces and key chains. Whats more, they also sell handmade and non handmade vintage items. Bags, pouches, purses, necklace, earrings and lots more! Do check out their exciting array of items!

Feather Keys Necklace
The feather addition to this necklace gives it a nice tribal / aborigines look. Pretty!!

Blue Xmas Bracelet
The snowflake looks gorgeous! Its definitely the perfect Christmas present =)

Vintage Button Earrings
This huge pearly white vintage earrings are simply irresistible! Looking for that fashionable yet business-ish look? Get these gorgeous babies!

Cute Owl Necklace
We love owl! This necklace is so cute!!

They also sell a wide array of handmade goodies! Simply mix, match and make your very own bracelet or necklace!

Check out their website for more items at


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