Saturday, 29 October 2011

Blogshop Review : Ambers Boutique

Interested to win some awesome goodies?
Ambers Boutique is offering some awesome goodies especially for all you online shoppers out there!

Simply go to their Facebook page and comment on one of the photos above expressing how much you deserve to win these =)
Then, get as many of your friends to 'like' your comment and their page!
Its as simple as that!

Hurry! contest ends 30th November!

Pretty in Pink!
If you have a passion for pink, get this pretty pink dress!
The fluff at the bottom and off shoulder look simply gives it the all favoured elegant look

Rock your body with this pretty white dress!
The little wave in the middle is simply one of a kind!

Looking for a pair of killer heels to match all your pretty dresses?
These heels simply matches anything!

Check out for more of their awesome goodies at 


don't forget to join their contest!
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