Sunday, 9 October 2011

Blogshop review: Clothes Defined

Hello Ladies!!

Clothes Defined is back! With more clothes to feast your eyes and clothes perfect for the summer!

Zigzag Affair
(Wit patterns that goes beyond 'wow', the zigzag affair is the dress that makes you the IT girl at any party)

Roman Toga
(A figure accentuating dress that gives a slimmer silhouette illusion)

Petal Shorts
(Totally unique and absolutely fashionable!)

Sweetie Pie Chiffon Dress
(Cute! Fun! Dainty! Ladylike! A dress which accentuates the waist giving the hour glass figure every lady craves for)

Angel Lace Skirt/Shorts
(Beautiful lace skorts which features a hidden shorts underneath)
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