Sunday, 2 October 2011

Blogshop review: Forever Juliette

Hey Lovelies!

There's a newbie in town! And they sell fashion accessories which are to die for. If you are an owl accessory fanatic, then you should really check this blogshop out. They have lots of owl accessories from earrings to rings and even necklaces ;)

Code: A01
(Really cute and loving those red eyes!)

Code: A03
(Grr.. whatcha looking at =p)

Code: A06
(Perfect with their owl ring. Looking pretty and mysterious)

Code: A07
(Something classy and vintage)

Code: A09
(Sparkly, vintage and funky)

Code: A08
(Totally retro! Loving those colours which brings you back to the 70s)

Code: A11
(Sassy and elegant! That's the peacock ^^)

Code: A15
(I find this owl necklace so chubby and makes you want pinch it but it's a necklace =.=)
Check out Forever Juliette at


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