Saturday, 1 October 2011

Blogshop review: Luscious Lips

Hi all!

Bored with your clothes and looking for more to spice up your closet?!? Then check out Luscious Lips! They have just stocked up with new arrivals. Plentiful of chiffon tops and a blazer jacket to go with it.

Topshop Inspired Back Zipper Top
(Loving this simple top. What makes it amazing and totally unique is the back zipper!)

Peterpan Collar Pleated Top
(Sweet and feminine and true to its name. Peter Pan!)

Striped Collar Top with Buttons
(Perfect for work with a high waisted skirt or a casual outing with shorts) 

Puffy Shoulder Blazer
(The puffy shoulders makes your shoulders broader and perfect with all their chiffon tops)
Check out Luscious Lips at


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