Sunday, 16 October 2011

Blogshop review: The Shop Next Door

To all you accessories seekers! The Shop Next Door is back! You will truly love their cute studded earrings. Really awesome and cute. And it's at a really affordable price which makes you want to get tons of it. And remember to check out their simple teddy ears jacket!

Simple Teddy Ears Jacket
(Absolutely cute! It's simple yet those teddy ears makes it totally adorable!)

Vintage Zakka Statement Ear Studs
(For all you crazy starbuck fans out there)

(They even have one for facebook)

Leopard Print
(The trendiest prints lately)

Union Jack
(Totally patriotic)

(Now you can everywhere with it)


(Can't believe they even have this! But it's totally adorable)

Make A Wish Necklace
(Simply pretty. And your wish will truly come true ^^)

Be Inspired High Heels Necklace
(Simple and truly for all you fashionistas)
Check out The Shop Next Door at


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