Sunday, 6 November 2011

Blogshop review: Pink n Proper

Hello everyone!

Looking for Bikinis? Want to soak up some sun? Then check out Pink n Proper. They are selling bikinis from none other then H&M. Really simple bikinis but of course each with its own charm. Check it out!

H&M Red/White Checkered Bikini
(A simple white bikini with red checkered bottom to give the bikini a pop of colour)

H&M Blue Checkered Bikini
(Really love this bikini piece as the colour is gorgeous. Perfect on fair skin)

H&M Blue Bikini
(A simple blue bikini but the top is different  which brings a touch of sexiness)

H&M Grey Frilly Bandeau Bikini
(Those frills at the bikini bottom just brings out the feminity!)
Check out Pink n Proper for more H&M Bikinis at


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